Meet Our Australian Scientists

If you have completed one of our activity boxes, you would have read an interview with an Australian scientist working in the related field. Below are quick bios of all of our Australian scientists – feel free to email if  you would like to ask them any follow up questions not covered in the interview. They would love to hear from you!

Creepy Crawley Entomologist

Skye loves bugs. Loves learning about them, breeding them and….eating them. Skye is an entomologist who has launched Australia’s first Edible Bug Shop. I can personally recommend the Bug-o-nut Rough, quite tasty! Learn why we should be eating bugs in our Mini-Beasts insect activity box.

Ancient, Dusty Archaeologist

Ash Matic – Ash has worked all around Australia, including Port Arthur in Tasmania. Find out what kinds of objects were found, and what happens to the objects once they are out of the ground in our Ancient Egypt Mini-Pharaohs box.

Icy, frozen Antarctica scientist

Well, technically Dan is a Remediation Scientific Officer at the Australian Antarctic Division. He is working hard on developing a way to clean soils of diesel spills – very important work for all the wildlife living in this cold land. Discover what Dan’s favourite Antarctica moment has been so far and learn how scientists live in our Antarctica Mini-Freeze activity box.

Out of this World Space Expert

Brian Lim is working on changing the way we interact with space. He firmly believes that space technology should be in the hands of more people and is currently working on creating small rockets that school children can launch into the stratosphere. Oh, and he also went to the International Space University which is just as cool as it sounds. Check out his interview while you are completing the space activities in our Mini-Stronomer space activity kit.

Feathery, flighty Senior bird keeper

Meet James (the non-feathery one!). He loves his job looking after all different kinds of Australian birds, even the very cheeky ones. James will tell you all about how keepers look after these amazing animals and give you tips on how you can help birds in your garden – check out our Mini-Aviary birds activity box.

Rwar! Palaeontologist 

Trish Sloan has been involved in one of the most important Australian dinosaur discoveries – she helped excavate and study our very own Banjo (Australovenator wintonensis). Discover what it is like to be a palaeontologist in Australia and how kids can get involved with palaeontology right now! You will see her interview in our upcoming Mini-saurus dinosaur activity box.