We turn ‘I’m bored’ into ‘I’m busy!’

  • Every single item you need to make these unique, fun activities is included in the box.
  • Easy to follow instructions – Great themesSibling pack option; add another entire set of materials so more than one child can play.
  • Each box can take whole days to complete; parents have said that a go to box for the school holidays is a must!
  • FREE delivery Australia wide Single boxes are $28 or you can entertain your child for a whole year for just $110


Space Themed Box

Our MiniStronomers box includes all the materials to make:

  • Window to the Universe activity
  • Make your own planet
  • View from the Space Station activity
  • Solar System bunting


Ancient Egypt Themed Box

Our ancient Egypt kit contains everything needed to make:

  • Golden money box
  • Jeweled scarab beetle
  • Sand landscape
  • Hieroglyphic bookmark


Bird Themed Box

MiniAviary has four great bird activities to make including:

  • Baby Emu
  • A male bower bird guarding his blue treasures
  • A sparkly hummingbird
  • A peacock in full display


Antarctica Themed Box

Get into these activities – everything is included:

  • Amazing snow globe
  • Adorable family of Emperor penguin finger puppets
  • Glittery wearable snowflake
  • Very cool (ha!) reusable Antarctica wildlife stamp


Insects Themed Box

Our MiniBeast box includes these activities:

  • Two magnetic ant note holders –
  • Two magnetic dragonflies
  • A butterfly magnet
  • A glow in the dark puzzle
  • A mobile showcasing our wonderful native bee species


Activity Box For Toddlers

Your 2-4 year old will love making:

  • Squishy colourful water beads for exciting sensory learning
  • A weaving circle to practise fine motor skills
  • Easy preschooler friendly construction kit
  • A picture frame to decorate and give to someone special


Dinosaur Themed Box

The box includes:

  • Dinosaur Lamp
  • Dinosaur Pegs
  • Fossil Necklace
  • Dinosaur snow globe
  • Facts about Dinosaurs in Australia

Boredom Buster

Great for the School Holidays Get one box delivered a week before each school holidays. You can choose up to four themes to receive.